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USA ​Authorized Distributor

amate audio

50 years of Advanced Audio Systems.

Always been at the forefront of innovation. 

International company, recognized in 50+ countries around the world where more than 90% of our products are sold. 

Great sound from Barcelona since 1972.

Xcellence Series

An industry benchmark for professional loudspeaker engineering and performance.

Xcellence is the response of Amate Audio to the challenge of creating high-end products, a compromise to deliver our best and share with you our passion, the search for the best sound.

Xcellence means combining the latest available technologies, an extreme care for the finest details and a user friendly design, in order to create a product that meets the most demanding applications with Xcellent performance.

N​itid Series


Smart loudspeaker systems for every application.

Nítid from the Latin nitidus, meaning bright, glistening or lustrous, clear; and nitere, to shine. Launched in 2017, the name is the inspiration for the loudspeaker series that celebrates 45 years of Amate Audio.

Nítid speaker systems employ the very latest digital amplification and processing technologies, in symbiosis with advanced acoustic research, to achieve exceptional levels of performance from ultra-compact speaker cabinets.

Commercial Speakers


The same engineering design and build-quality as our large reinforcement systems.

Multipoint PA Solutions - All series.

Our range of loudspeaker systems for commercial audio and AV applications encompasses the same high levels of performance, reliability, build-quality and design as our larger reinforcement series.

In-ceiling and lo-profile wall-mounted models are voiced for audio quality and optimal intelligibility, and designed and styled for discreet architectural integration.



Amate Audio’s advanced outboard electronics extends to our state-of-the-art Class-D power amplifiers, offering exemplary power-to-weight specifications and levels of sonic performance. Since introducing the world’s first power amplifiers with onboard limiting (in 1985) Amate Audio has been a leading pioneer and exponent of ‘processing amplifiers’ offering the integrated power and control capabilities – and switched-mode power supply – of our active loudspeaker systems for passive reinforcement systems.


The latest iteration of Amate Audio’s DSPStudio enhances the remote control of Xcellence systems with ACTIVE+ platform via Ethernet/Wi-Fi.

Remote access and full  control of your whole system.

Touchscreen laptop operation is also supported



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